Attention United States' Citizens!!

A Call To Arms!!

Each New member is on a One year probation period, and the yearly dues are $50.00 (individual) or $70.00 (ALL family in household UNDER 18), payable however you choose

Applicant Name: Email Address:
Emergency Contact Name: Emergency Contact Number: Any Previous Experience in reenacting?

Please list any Special Abilities you possess:
Special Abilities

For "Family", Please enter other Family Members' Names here:

Please know that your membership begins with receipt of [$50.00 (U.S.) - individual; $70.00 (U.S.) - Family] in the form of check or cash made out to Battery D, 1st Michigan Light Artillery.


Please print this page, cut on the dotted lines, and complete and mail the form to the address given. If you prefer, you may send an email with the necessary information to the address at the bottom of this page.

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Name:___________________________________ Address:________________________________ Phone Number:___________________________ Age:____ Authentic Equipment Currently Owned:_____________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Have you been a member of a Civil War unit before?______ If so, which unit?___________________________________________ What special abilities do you have?______________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Battery D 1st Michigan Light Artillery Basic Requirements 1.Interest in the Civil War 2.Interest in the BIG GUNS 3.Desire to be AUTHENTIC 4.Attend practice drills 5.Attend periodic events and activities in FULL UNIFORM 6.Collect own equipment within one year of membership Complete this form and mail to: Captain Jim Newkirk 1343 Esther Rd., Scottville, MI 49454 Email: Recruiter.
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email me at Enlistment.